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UNEDITED DRAFT: Home generator is one of the most useful equipment that a house owner can have. When a power failure occurs this home generator will keep your house warm, people connected, keep your phone charging and also can keep your house warm on a cold night. So what type of home generator is suitable for your home and which manufacturer is best. There are many questions that arise in one’s mind. Home generator basically supplies power to your home in absence of electricity. But still, some of the generators is limited to their power. You provide the generator with enough fuel and they start producing electricity.

So now the question arises which of the best generator is for us? If the power goes out for 24 or 48 hours what will happen then? Some of the user buys a generator in haste r (And, often, all this

the refrigerator (about 600 watts), sump pump (750 to 1,500 watts), portable heaters (1,500 watts), window air conditioner (1,000 watts), lights (60 to 600 watts), and computers (60 to 300 watts. Now make the list what matter you the most during the power failure and you cannot turn it off. After that, you can use wattage calculator as well available online.

Now the second thing is that which type of generator you want. There are two main types

  • Stationary generator
  • Portable generator

Stationary generator:

These units cost more and they are possible installed by some professional. An electrician will provide you proper guidelines about its proper location and noise restriction.

One of the benefits is that they start automatically when the power goes out and they probably provide more power.

The system is pretty automatic. They run self-diagnosis and tell you when the maintenance is required.

Choice of fuel is entirely yours either you can use propane or natural gas.

They roughly cost you from $5000 to $10000.

They range from 5000 to 20000 wattage.


Portable Generator:

This unit tends to be cheaper than a stationary generator.

The Fuel they require is natural gas or propane that you have to store in large quantities.

One of the benefits is that you can use them anywhere as the name suggests they can move on and off your property. There is a safety precaution that you have to keep around 15 feet away from your house or windows. And if raining you must use cover otherwise the result can be catastrophic.

In most models, the electric battery is required for starting it.

They provide from 3000 to 8500 wattage.

The price of this generator is approx. in between $400 to $1000.

Some of the features that you can look in a generator before buying it and you must consider these options.

Automatic start: When the power failure occurs the stationary generator goes on and if you are a travel freak or you don’t stay at home lately then this is great for you.

Electric Start: Several portable generators offer you the push button alternatives so you get rid of pull starting the engine. This thing will cost you few extra bucks but it is worth it.

Alternative Fuel Capacity:  Mostly portable generator runs on the gasoline but some of the come with equipped kit that can be converted into so that they can run on propane or natural gas.

Fuel Gauge: Check fuel level at a glance on a portable; this is especially beneficial during long blackouts.

Low oil shut-off: If the oil falls below the critical level then the generator automatically shut down. This feature is common in the stationary generator but now this is also coming in portable generators as well.

Invertor Technology: It provides the cleaner power and it does not overheat your sensitive equipment or appliances. And it runs much more quietly

Removable console: It connects to the generator so you can plug in equipment without running extension cords outdoors.

Transfer Switch: You may need the transfer switch. When the power goes off the stationary generator turns the transfer switch automatically. But for the portable generator, you need it to connect first afterward you have to flip some switches by hand. This works with more than 5000 wattage models. For stationary generators, it shuts off automatically when the power goes on; for a portable, you flip the same switches back.

The price of a home generator varies a lot based on the feature of the generator. So it is very important you should evaluate first according to the information provided above. So if you find the right generator then you can save money by only paying for those features that you required in your generator.

I would like to explain different companies that manufacture generators. So they are listed as below.


There are different types of generac available in the market. Generac 6729 price is a bit high for an average homeowner. Before buying this ensure that you have a proper plan to manage natural gas or propane. You can also connect your sensitive equipment while this generator is running on. Generac 6237 is 8000 wattage generator. It is much cheaper than the previous version. You can rotate your appliances on this with the careful management and still have the room left for to cook, run few small electrical appliances and have few lights on at the same time. It should be noted that this generator is not for large house it is more suitable for small houses with two bedrooms or less.

Briggs and Stratton:

Is probably in its design. As it is made to be placed outside your house so it probably takes a little bit more space.

Briggs and Stratton 40396 if you have no issues with the money then this is the generator you probably looking for it lights up entire your house. It has a beautiful design to provide easy access and it lock up nicely to prevent any intrusion. It can be placed as close as 18 inches to your house. It has a 4 year warranty that covers the expense the labor as well. It can provide power to run two air-conditioners at a time in addition to all of your other major appliances.


This company is one of the market leaders in power generation equipment. This company has been operating since 2003 and has since then they have earned a good reputation for producing the market finest power equipment. Their design is unique and dependable. Once you have installed Champion  home generator they constantly monitor your power. And if any issue occurs it automatically starts and provides electricity. It is also connected to your gas-line so it never needs re-fueling.


They produced portable generator and are tested to the highest standards. They use the different type of world-class engine usually from  Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Yamaha. They also provide you the Selection Tool and Wattage Sheet to select the ideal unit for your needs.

Different featured products are listed below:

  • PC0103008:3000 Watt Portable Generator with Manual Start (CSA
  • PM0103008:3000 Watt Portable Generator with Manual Start
  • PM0123250:3250 Watts Portable Generator with Manual Start
  • PM0125500:5500 Watt Portable Generator with Manual Start
  • PM0126000:6000 Watt Portable Generator with Manual Start


There are different types of CAT products available in market having different characteristics. They are  Producing reliable power from 36 ekW to 90 ekW at 60Hz, Their C4.4 ACERT™ diesel generator sets are engineered to meet your standby and prime applications, and measure up to your power standards. All are tested to maximum load before they leave any one of our ISO 9001 certified facilities. They have incorporated the rail fuel system to improve fuel efficiency and they are designed to meet EPA Stationary Emergency (Tier 3) emissions standards. Seismic certification is also available in this type of model for unexpected disturbances.


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